neuMERZ is a new music and media collective originally founded in Hannover, Germany and led by the composers-multimedia artists Philipp Henkel and Rachel C. Walker. Together, we take a critical, research-approach to composition and apply it to various projects: curating installations, multimedia concerts, and film, paying special attention to presenting innovative formats and perspectives on the contemporary music scene. 

Our project draws on each of our combined strengths: acoustic and electroacoustic composition, visual rendering (Blender, C#, C++), instrument design and experimentation, historical research, and programming. Bringing these skill sets into direct dialogue with one another leads to artistic results with both theoretical and experimental gains.

neuMERZ has realized projects in collaboration with Musik21 Niedersachsen (Disrupted Chronologies – Jahresthema 2022 Radikale), the Deutscher Musikrat (Radiant8 Ensemble), Stiftung-Niedersachsen (Panopticon), Musikland Niedersachsen, Musikfonds (PRO DEFUNCTIS) and others. Recent projects include the 2022 concert season and tour of the Radiant8 Ensemble; Disrupted Chronologies, a multimedia concert and documentary project; and KOPFGERÄUSCHE, a concert tour of new works with a performance by the Berlin Japanese noise-improv duo Momose/Ishikawa. In 2023, neuMERZ presented the Dialogue-Concert „al’thalj“ at the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart in collaboration with the Austrian ensemble airborne extended. 

A continued focus is now placed on the development of several ongoing curation projects: a long-term interdisciplinary collaboration spanning music, literature and film, connected to the life of the 20th century Taiwanese travel writer San Mao; the multimedia research installation OPTIKS: An Interactive Memory Factory; and the series Terrain Vagues / Blühende Landschaften. In 2024, neuMERZ will present PRO DEFUNCTIS, bringing American ensemble Ekmeles to Germany to tour Spahlinger's Über den frühen Tod des Fräuleins Anna Augusta Markgräfin zu Baden in honor of Spahlinger's 80th birthday year. Additionally, neuMERZ will be in residency at Lisboa Incomum / Projecto DME within the frame of a mobility grant from Culture Moves Europe. 


As we traverse the creative landscape, we encounter remarkable talents who infuse their work with passion, vision, and unique perspectives. In each monthly installment, we unveil a new portrait: an artist whose brushstrokes, melodies, or words resonate with authenticity.

This month, our spotlight falls on Autumn Yunting Tsai, a Taiwanese writer whose words dance between realms. Tsai’s creative journey has woven threads through the fabric of neuMERZ, making her an indispensable collaborator. Tsai’s prose ignited the spark for our ongoing San Mao Artist Research project. Inspired by San Mao’s nomadic spirit, Tsai’s prose has been a compass through a labyrinth of possibilities.

In Fokus will continue to unravel the tapestry of creativity. Next month, another awaits. Until then, immerse yourself in Tsai’s work, and let her words carry you across borders.


Terrain Vagues / Blühende Landschaften

2024 - 2025

Selection of related dates and presentations:

11.2024 | neuMERZ residency at Projecto DME + Lisboa Incomum, supported by Culture Moves Europe

11.2024 | Research presentation on Terrain Vagues / Blühende Landschaften at the Culture and Sustainability Symposium 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal

Blühende Landschaften

How can one build meaningful connections when faced with apathy and stagnation? Are there still utopian principles within the 'real world'  that can guide humanity, despite the fact that most utopian ideas have failed and the very idea of utopia itself has become something to be ridiculed?

Terrain Vagues / Blühende Landschaften tackles these questions and gives perspectives mediated by artistic expression. In looking at locales from previous World Expositions, this project and its presentations span multiple cities as well as virtual spaces. 

This project will presented in two stages across 2024 and 2025.


San Mao is an artistic research and film project focusing on the work of the 20th century travel writer San Mao. 

Along with the writer and interdisciplinary artist Autumn Tsai and visual artist and film director Mooni Perry, we are using environmental storytelling to retrace the physical geographies of San Mao's travels while exploring aspects of her work through fantasy, video games, and sound art.

Selection of related dates and presentations:

21.06.2024 | Monopol Berlin

25.06.2024 | Kunststation Sankt-Peter Köln


2022 - 2025


2024 marks the 80th birthday year of the German composer Matthias Spahlinger. To celebrate, neuMERZ is resurrecting Spahlinger's masterwork Über den frühen Tod des Fräuleins Anna Augusta Markgräfin zu Baden for the first performances of the piece in Europe since the its premiere some thirty years ago. PRO DEFUNCTIS presents the American vocal ensemble Ekmeles with Ensemble Aventure and the composers slide quartet to tour Über den frühen Tod... alongside connected works from Johannes Ockeghem and the young Greek composer Petros Leivadas.

Selection of related dates and presentations:

08.11.2024 | Kunststation Sankt-Peter Köln

09.11.2024 | Hospitalkirche Stuttgart

10.11.2024 | Friedenskirche Freiburg



In addition to our own curatorial work, neuMERZ assists other actors across the free arts scene in organizing projects and creating new concert programs. By drawing upon our diverse experiences in management, design and multimedia arts, we help to connect the strands to bring projects to reality.

What we do

Artistic Curation
Project Conceptualization and Coordination
Technical Realization of Multimedia Projects
Visual and Intermedia Design Services

Management of Live Electronics (Klangregie) 

Video and Audio Documentation



Past concerts and productions have included concerts and presentations at WERKRAUM Göttingen, Galerie BOHAI, TAK Berlin, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Heimathafen Neukölln, Akademie Schloss Solitude, OSCO, et al. 

neuMERZ has simultaneously collaborated with various ensembles across the contemporary music scene: Ensemble Radiant8, airborne extended, Momose/Ishikawa, Trio Klangspektrum, Ensemble Quarks, Ensemble Ascolta, et al.