About neuMERZ

neuMERZ GbR is a new music and media documentation collective originally founded in Hannover, Germany. Over the past four years, neuMERZ has supported installations, multimedia concerts, and video projects from young artists and composers, paying special attention to presenting innovative formats and perspectives on the contemporary music scene.

neuMERZ has realized projects in collaboration with Musik21 Niedersachsen (Disrupted Chronologies – Jahresthema 2022: Radikale), the Deutsche Musikrat (Radiant8 Ensemble), LINK-Niedersachsen (Panopticon), Musikland Niedersachsen, and others. Upcoming projects include the 2022-2023 season of the Radiant8 Ensemble and KOPFGERÄUSCHE, a concert of new works for percussion and electronics with San Diego-based percussionist Yongyun Zhang.

Upcoming Projects

Disrupted Chronologies

Interdisciplinary concert with the renowned Trio Klangspektrum and composer Chatori Shimizu

Pour passer la melancholie

Concert series with Ensemble Radiant8


23.09.2022 Cologne | Sankt Peter
26.09.2022 Berlin | Heimathafen Neukölln
28.09.2022 Göttingen | WERKRAUM


Interdisciplinary project for percussion and electronics exploring the impacts of mental health with the San Diego-based Chinese percussionist Yongyun Zhang


11.09.2022 Stuttgart | Schloss Solitude
13.09.2022 Hannover | OSCO
18.09.2022 Dresden | Dreikönigskirche
19.09.2022 Berlin | TAK


Past Projects


Two-part installation series by Philipp Henkel highlighting the usage of artifical intelligence in surveilance technology.

荷 Ó

Recording documentation project of the piece Lotus by Rachel C. Walker

Album release of the soundwalk composition Hannover 2081 by Philipp Henkel

Concert in Honor of the Swiss composer Klaus Huber, curated by Maryam Mehraban.

With pieces from Huber, Mahnkopf, Jun and Henkel


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