About neuMERZ

neuMERZ GbR is a new music and media documentation collective originally founded in Hannover, Germany. Over the past four years, neuMERZ has supported installations, multimedia concerts, and video projects from young artists and composers, paying special attention to presenting innovative formats and perspectives on the contemporary music scene.

neuMERZ has realized projects in collaboration with Musik21 Niedersachsen (Disrupted Chronologies – Jahresthema 2022: Radikale), the Deutsche Musikrat (Radiant8 Ensemble), Stiftung-Niedersachsen (Panopticon), Musikland Niedersachsen, and others. Recent projects include the 2022 concert season and tour of the Radiant8 Ensemble; Disrupted Chronologies, a multimedia concert and documentary project; and KOPFGERÄUSCHE, a concert of new works and with a performance by the Berlin Japanese noise duo Momose/Ishikawa.

In 2023, neuMERZ continues to develop a long-term interdisciplinary project drawing from music, literature and film, connected to the life of the 20th century Taiwanese travel writer San Mao; the arts and science research project I'M NOT A ROBOT; and FOKUS, a multimedia concert project in collaboration with the Berlin-based SONAR Quartett. 

Current Projects


Interdisciplinary artistic research project focusing on the 20th century travel writer San Mao


Arts and science research project connected to human and non-human agency


Multimedia concert project pairing the SONAR Quartet with acoustic and electronic works by Sibelius, Farias, Henkel and Walker

Documentary Release

neuMERZ Disrupted Chronologies

The documentary created alongside Disrupted Chronologies is now available on youtube. 

View the trailer below and watch the full documentary here.

Recent Activities